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Sodium polytungstate in scientific publications

The 5 most important publications at a glance

As of: October 2017


“Sodium metatungstate, a new medium for binary and ternary density gradient centrifugation”

Bodo Plewinsky, Rainer Kamps
Makromol Chemical, 185, 1984, 1429-1439

“A non-toxic heavy liquid and inexpensive filters for separation of mineral grains”

John Callahan
J. of Sediment. Petrol., 57 (4), 1987, 765-766

“A nontoxic substitute for hazardous heavy liquids-aqueous sodium polytungstate (3Na2 WO4-9WO3-H2O) solution”

Murray R. Gregory, Keith A. Johnston
J. of Geol. and Geophys., 30, 1987, 317-320

“The use of sodium polytungstate in heavy mineral separation”
Michael Torresan
United States Department of the Interior (Geological Survey (US)), Open-File Report 87-590, 1987

“Recycling of Sodium polytungstate used in soil organic matter studies”

J. Six, P. A. Schultz, J. D. Jastrow, R. Merckx
Soil Biol. & Biochem., 31, 1999, 1193-1196

Other published scientific articles on sodium polytungstate can be downloaded here as a bibliography: