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Tungsten-based chemicals

Ordering small quantities of selected commodities

In cooperation with our longtime trade partner H.C. Starck we offer select tungsten chemicals for small quantity orders. You can order the following products from us:


Tungstic acid (H2WO4, CAS 7783-03-1) as a yellow, fine-grained powder with narrow grain size distribution, high chemical purity and high reactivity


Sodium tungstate dihydrate (NaWO4 • 2H2O, CAS 10213-10-2) as a white, crystalline powder with high chemical purity and outstanding, residue-free water solubility


Ammonium metatungstate ((NH4)6H2W12O40 • xH2O, CAS 12028-48-7 & 12333-11-8) as a white, crystalline powder, high-purity, with outstanding residue-free water solubility


Tungsten trioxide (WO3, CAS 1314-35-8) as a yellow, sometimes slightly greenish powder, milled ultra-fine, high-purity


Tungsten carbide (WC, CAS 12070-12-1) black, fine-grained powder, deagglomerated, very narrow grain size distribution (1µm – 1.2µm), ideal for producing a suspension to increase the density of SPT-3

Safety and technical data sheets for the products are available upon request. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require this information.

You can order directly from us from anywhere in the world or, alternatively, you can place an order via one of our country representatives. No minimum order quantity applies.