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About TC-Tungsten Compounds

A family-run company in northern Bavaria, and a leading international innovator in the polytungstate sector

Family-run company TC-Tungsten Compounds GmbH was founded in 1985 by Dr Rainer Kamps and is still owned by the Kamps family to this day. The foundations on which the company is built consist of global patents for new heavy liquids based on aqueous polytungstates, produced as part of its founder’s doctoral work. These new heavy liquids have now almost completely replaced the highly toxic chlorinated and brominated hydrocarbons in the area of sink-float analyses.

Today, aqueous sodium polytungstate solutions are being successfully used in laboratories within the industrial sector and in institutions and universities in more than 50 countries all over the globe. In addition to the simple production of solutions, extensive services in the area of sink-float analyses and the reusability of polytungstates, our employees are also working on new areas of application for this interesting substance class.

Company founder and management

Managing Director Dr. Sebastian Kamps completed a doctorate at Siemens AG in Erlangen, after studying chemistry at the University of Marburg. His professional career began in Belgium, as a chemist at Farbwerke Herkula AG. There, he initially worked as an assistant to technical management, and in 2012 took up a role as head of development and member of the administrative board – a role which he holds to the present day. Dr. Sebastian Kamps’ professional experience has enabled him to acquire extensive expertise in business management, resulting in him joining the parent company as Managing Director in 2016, and today he guides the fortunes of TC-Tungsten Compounds. In addition, Dr. Sebastian Kamps is a member of the advisory board to the “Bodo und Jutta Franke Deutschland” foundation in Krefeld.

TC-Tungsten Compounds is a family-run company, now in its second generation. Dr. Ing. Sebastian Kamps, son of company founder Dr. rer. nat. Rainer Kamps, is responsible for its management. The company was founded in the course of Dr. Rainer Kamps’ doctoral work in chemistry. The conclusions and developments he reached resulted in several patent registrations and ultimately the establishment of TC-Tungsten Compounds. His main employment until 2008 was in development departments of Siemens AG, with locations in Erlangen, Friesoythe and Munich, and he was then employed at Corning Cable Systems in Neustadt bei Coburg until 2013. Dr. Rainer Kamps has also been a member of the advisory board to the “Bodo und Jutta Franke Deutschland” foundation in Krefeld. He is currently an authorised signatory for TC-Tungsten Compounds GmbH, where he is responsible for application engineering and consultancy.

Our company site in Grub am Forst

The industrial development of the Coburg region is historically shaped by the small area of Grub am Forst. Located in northern Bavaria, the first industrial businesses were to be found here in the 18th century, for example the Samuel Friedrich Holtzapfel company – a chemical factory producing Prussian Blue pigment (a “Blaufabrik”) that was located in Grub am Forst from 1772 to 1972. Ink production has always been an important branch of industry that led to employment, education and economic security in the region. TC-Tungsten Compounds stands in the tradition of those historic companies that have made the Coburg region the scientific and innovative region it is today. In 2015, the company founder and current Managing Director converted the company into a GmbH, the German equivalent of a limited liability company. In the last year a contemporary new building has gone up, housing the office building and production facility of the company.


Our customers rely on quality

TC-Tungsten Compounds supplies universities and research institutions worldwide with polytungstates produced in-house. Flawless product quality and comprehensive service form the basis for a high degree of customer satisfaction. The company has more than 50 German customers from the worlds of science and research including:

  • Alfred-Wegener-Institute in Bremerhaven and Potsdam, among other locations
  • Helmholtz-Institute in Dresden, Freiberg, Kiel and Potsdam, among other locations
  • Leibniz-Institute in Hanover and Warnemünde, among other locations
  • Max-Planck-Institut in Leipzig
  • 8 CNRS Institutes in France (national centres for scientific research)
  • over 100 European universities, including renowned institutons such as ETH Zürich, the University of Amsterdam, University of Manchester, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, the Technical University of Munich, and Humboldt University of Berlin
  • Projects as part of the “jugend forscht” talent competition: currently with the Gymnasium Burgkunstadt School (Bavaria)


Our collaborative partner


We have been working closely with our collaborative partner and raw materials supplier H.C. Starck for over 25 years . We have been able to take on small volume distribution of selected tungsten chemicals for our partners since summer 2017. Effective immediately, TC-Tungsten Compounds will be supplying small volumes of tungsten oxide, tungsten acids, sodium tungstate and ammonium metatungstate in quantities of 1 kg and above.

HYDRO-BIOS is one of the leading manufacturers of innovative sampling equipment, and offers solutions for all oceanographic and limnological environments. It has now developed the MikroPlastik Sediment Separator MPSS, a device that operates using sodium polytungstate. TC-Tungsten Compounds is delighted that the range of uses for its polytungstates has been expanded in this way, and is very pleased to collaborate with this Kiel-based company.