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Solid separation – the ecofriendly solution

Sodium polytungstate – for the environmentally friendly separation of solids

Welcome to TC-Tungsten Compounds!

Environmental awareness is growing in all fields of chemistry. As the inventor, patent holder and leading global producer of sodium polytungstate (also known as sodium metatungstate), we manufacture heavy liquids that represent a range of environmentally friendly, non-toxic density separation products. Sodium polytungstate is a complete, effective alternative to highly toxic, carcinogenic, chlorinated and brominated hydrocarbons for use in sink-float analyses, for example. We have seen how users have been positively driving this development on the international market for years.

TC-Tungsten Compounds supplies around 900 customers in over 50 countries all over the world, among them numerous renowned universities and research institutions as well as industrial companies and start-ups. The scientific areas of application for our heavy liquids include analytical processes in the fields of geology, botany, metallurgy, mineralogy and palaeontology, to name but a few. Our products are also suitable for industrial use in the glass, plastic, recycling, coal and mining sectors.

Why SPT?
Our patented proprietary development, sodium polytungstate, separates solids in an environmentally friendly, non-toxic manner. It is also easy to use and can be reused and recycled. The product has a number of decisive advantages over zinc chloride solutions as well as highly toxic halogen hydrocarbons.
Please see our FAQ section for further information on the advantages of our product.
How does it work?
When sodium polytungstate is dissolved in water, it produces a low-viscosity, transparent solution with a density up to 3.0 g/cm³. The density of the solution means that solids can then be separated in it, using the sink-float process, for example.
For further information, please see our FAQ section or contact us directly.
Who are we?
TC-Tungsten Compounds has been developing and producing sodium polytungstate for around 25 years and has held the patent for the product for the same period. We supply around 900 customers in over 50 countries all over the globe, including a number of renowned research institutions.
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What sets our products apart




easy to handle

environmentally friendly

What makes sodium polytungstate special

Sodium polytungstate (CAS 12141-67-2, CAS 12333-13-0, CAS 314075-43-9) has been registered under the German Chemicals Act, in line with the Dangerous Substances Directive 67/548/EEC. Regarding REACH all these substances were defined as NONS (Notified New Substances). Sodium polytungstate has been registered under ELINGS No. 412-770-9, and has been registered under REACH registration number 01-2120061128-61-0000.

Sodium polytungstate has been investigated for toxicity and eco-toxicity using all currently available methods. The result: the substance is classified as non-toxic. When used correctly, this heavy liquid does not pose any risks to the health of people or animals, nor is it a danger to the environment. One further advantage: aqueous sodium polytungstate solutions are reusable. As a specialist manufacturer, we will do the reprocessing and recycling for you, We will take back sodium polytungstate solutions that are used, no longer in use, diluted or contaminated – free of charge.

What does TC-Tungsten Compounds stand for?

Since sodium polytungstate was patented around 35 years ago, TC-Tungsten Compounds has been committed to the environmentally friendly separation of solids and pursuing the goal of replacing the chemicals used for this purpose to date, which are generally highly toxic, with our own, non-toxic in-house product. Formerly a one-man operation run by Dr Rainer Kamps, we are now an internationally operating company with a newly constructed office and production building in Grub am Forst, northern Bavaria. As a tungsten compounds specialist, we are the ideal contact partner when it comes to the environmentally friendly separation of solids.

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