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SPT-3R – recycled heavy liquid

Sustainability is important to us

We are pleased to present our latest development. SPT-3R the new recycled heavy liquid. Not only more sustainable but also cheaper for our customers.

After many trials, we have succeeded in developing an optimal recycling process. With this process, it is possible to process used SPT solutions in such a way that they can be offered as a recycled product. For the recycled material, we only take used solutions that have not had any interaction between the heavy liquid and the customer’s samples (e.g. glass samples, polymers, semi-precious stones, flow tests, etc.).

Thus, the recycled material SPT-3R is also a transparent solution with a NTU < 5 (Nephelometric Turbidity Unit) and has the same physical properties as the original material.
It is therefore very well suited for the standard sink-float procedure or initial tests and a real alternative. As we rely on the return of used SPT solutions, availability is always limited.
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