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Publications relating to the uses and applications of Sodium polytungstate


Paper of the year 2016 *)

"Highly Efficient and Scalable Separation of Semiconducting Carbon Nanotubes via Weak Field Centrifugation"
Wieland G. Reis et al.
Scientific Reports 6, Article number: 26259 (2016)

The identification of scalable processes that transfer random mixtures of single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) into fractions featuring a high content of semiconducting species is crucial for future application of SWCNTs in high-performance electronics. Herein we demonstrate a highly efficient and simple separation method that relies on selective interactions between tailor-made amphiphilic polymers and semiconducting SWCNTs in the presence of low viscosity separation media. High purity individualized semiconducting SWCNTs or even self-organized semiconducting sheets are separated from an as-produced SWCNT dispersion via a single weak field centrifugation run. Absorption and Raman spectroscopy are applied to verify the high purity of the obtained SWCNTs. Furthermore SWCNT - network field-effect transistors were fabricated, which exhibit high ON/OFF ratios (105) and field-effect mobilities (17 cm2/Vs). In addition to demonstrating the feasibility of high purity separation by a novel low complexity process, our method can be readily transferred to large scale production.

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Further related papers

"An update to the toxicological profile for water-soluble and sparingly soluble tungsten substances"
Ranulfo Lemos & Carmen F. Venezia
Critical Reviews in Toxicology, Volume 45, Issue 5, 2015, pages 388-411.
"Assimilation and accumulation of C by fungi and bacteria attached to soil density fractions"
Pierre-Joseph Hatton et al.
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"The use of sodium polytungstate as an X-ray contrast agent to reduce the beam hardening artifact in hydrological laboratory experiment"
Yoshito Nakashima
Journal of Hydrology and Hydromechanics. Volume 61, No. 4, p. 347-352
"Optimizing contrast agents with respect to reducing beam hardening in nonmedical X-ray computed tomography experiments"
Yoshito Nakashima
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"The role of nanominerals and mineral nanoparticles in the transport of toxic trace metals: Field-flow fractionation and analytical TEM analyses after nanoparticle isolation and density separation"
Kelly L. Plathe 
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Award Number: 97-35107-4357, 1999-2000
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Paul W. K. Rothemund
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Erica Marchioni and Henry Delincée
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"Detection of irradiated components in flavour blends composed of non-irradiated spices, herbs and vergetable seasonings by thermoluminescence method"
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Testuo Hashimoto, Takashi Yawata, Masato Takano
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"Alternative saline solutions to float foraminiferal tests"
D. L. Semensatto, Jr. and D. Dias-Brito
J. of Foraminiferal Res., 37 (3), 2007, 265-269

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