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SPT-0   crystalline Sodium polytungstate
very poor in carbon and nitrogen
SPT-1   Sodium polytungstate as powder
SPT-2   Sodium polytungstate as granulate
(less dustiness)
SPT-3   Sodium polytungstate as ready for use solution
individual densities up to 3,0 g/cm³
(standard density: 2,82g/cm³ ± 0,02g/cm³)
SPT-4   Sodium polytungstate/tungstate carbid - suspension
availible with densities from 3,2g/cm³ to 4,4g/cm³
SPT-5   Sodium polytungstate as ready for use solution
with individual density up to 3,0g/cm³
(standard density: 2,82g/cm³ ± 0,02g/cm³)
high stabilized for metallic assays
TA-1   Tungstic acid, yellow fine powder for
production of tungsten metals and catalysts.
High purity and high reactivity.
ST-0   White, crystalline Sodium tungstate dihydrate powder,
chemically pure and outstanding water solubility with no residue
AMT-0   White crystalline Ammonium metatungstate powder
with extraordinary high solubility in water
AMT-3   Ammonium metatungstate as ready for use solution
with individual densities up to 2,3 g/cm³ ± 0,02g/cm³
More   - hydrometer (for adjusting / determination of densities)
- filter (for recovery of Sodium Polytungstate solutions)

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