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advantages of SPT


The following table presents a comparison of the available heavy liquids.

Our Sodium polytungstate is opposed to an organic heavy liquid and the aequous LST.

Have a look for yourself to find out which advantages Sodium polytungstate offers you.


  organic systems aqueous systems



delivery form   liquid liquid, powder and granulate
recycleable   yes yes
thermally stability   > 100° C 95° C
toxicity highly toxic! non toxic non toxic
solubility >20° C   excellent excellent
solubility <15° C   crystallisation excellent
crystallizing point at
density 2,8 g/cm³
  16-18° C < 0° C
density of saturated solution at 25° C   2,95 g/cm³ 3,08 g/cm³
viskosity at
density 2,4 g/cm³
  4 cP 4 cP
viskosity at
density 2,8 g/cm³
  10 cP 19 cP
in combination with tungsten carbide for preparation of higher densities   unsuitable excellent


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